An independent
oil industry consultancy

Founded in 1988 with offices in London, Singapore and Cape Town.
Specialists in demurrage claims, arbitration and training.

Asdem: Oil industry recruitment, training and consultancy

Asdem Ltd is an independent oil industry consultancy, which was founded in 1988. Asdem has offices in London and Singapore and its clients include major oil and chemical companies, international traders, tanker owners and lawyers. We specialise in demurrage claims, arbitration, as well as organising conferences.

Training Courses

Asdem has provided in-house training courses for many major oil companies, trading companies and tanker owners. These courses can be tailored to match each company's individual requirements. Please contact Roger Sepkes, Managing Director of Asdem Ltd. in London, or Andrew Wilding, Managing Director of Asdem Asia in Singapore, for further details.

Asdem's 1-day in-house seminar on English contract law, oil sales contracts and demurrage has proved particularly popular. On many occasions it has been run twice over two days for two different groups within the client company.



Asdem provides Claims Recovery, Demurrage and Arbitration Services for oil companies, traders and ship owners.

Asdem's own arbitration service is now in it's 22 year and has been used by countless ship owners, traders and oil companies as a lower cost alternative to High Court proceedings.

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